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Moblie Belt Conveyor


Mobile belt conveyor is a kind of continuous mechanical handling equipment with high efficiency, good safety and good mobility. Mainly used for short-distance transport, handling of bulk material and the product one-piece weight less 100kg on loading and unloading stations which are often changed, such as the port, terminal, station, coal yard, warehouse, building site, sand quarry, farm and so on. It can be divided into lift and not lift type, the running of belt is driven by electric-roller, and the whole lifting and running are non-motorized.


1. Simple structure and easy installation.
2. Low rate of breakdown and adapt to different use condition.
3. Various design form can meet different industries.
4. Cheap cost and long working life.
5. Easy move with special wheels.



The mobile conveyor is divided into a belt type mobile conveyor and a bucket type mobile conveyor. The bottom of the convey is equipped with a universal wheel, which can be moved freely according to the stacking position of the materials. It has main features of high load capacity, compact structure, suitable for underground coal mine transporter.

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