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Compared with the wheel type stacker, crawler type mobile stacker and reclaimer is favored by mining, aggregate, coal and other industrial and mining enterprises because of its outstanding site adaptability. The crawler stacker designed and manufactured by our company has the advantages of reliable performance, large production capacity and high degree of automation. The wide plate chain conveying design at the end of the equipment can satisfy the direct feeding of the dump truck, avoiding the secondary transfer and stacker process of materials, and achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase.


1. The height can be customized according to the dump truck model.
2. Site adaptability and flexible mobility.
3. Dust removal/dust suppression measures are complete, and small work pollution.
4. Lower investment costs.

Specification of the Intelligent Mobile Feeder

Vehicle model: SL150-1200
Conveyor section number: Two sections
Conveyor belt width: 500-1200mm
Conveying speed: Stepless speed regulation 0-4m/s
Conveying direction: Belt conveying
Rotation angle of conveyor belt: 0±90°

Basic parameter

Basic parameter
Specification Length Width Loading Height Belt Width Conveying Capacity Power Torque
ZYS800 15500 3200 3400 800 620m³/h 250kw 1350N.M
ZYS1000 15500 3200 3400 1000 1014 m³/h 276kw 1500N.M
ZYS1200 15500 320 3400 1200 1486m³/h 276kw 1800N.M
This table is the basic parameters, the mechanical equipment process is complex, need to configure the equipment according to customer requirements
Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally



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